Finding Your Ideal Wedding Shoes

It’s not something that many people will see underneath your wedding dress yet finding the perfect wedding shoes is of utmost importance. For many women their wardrobes are crammed full of diverse selection of footwear, from boots to ballet pump, stilettos to flip flops, accessorising your outfit with the right pair of shoes can be the finishing touch and make you feel good too.

On your wedding day a vast proportion of it will be spent on your feet. From stepping into the wedding car, to the walk down the aisle to greet the person you are going to exchange vows with, posing for the endless amount of photographs, greeting your array of guests and grooving the night away those poor tootsies of yours are going to be doing a lot of work! Your wedding shoes therefore play a vital part in your big day and are an important bridal wear accessory. You don’t want to get it wrong and spend your wedding day in pain covered in sores and blisters.

There are several key factors to take into consideration which include comfort, style, height and colour. Comfort sits together with the style and there are many style variations to choose from. Sandals, ballet pumps, mules and heels, even flip flops, trainers and wellington boots. The style is very much a personal choice and preference, however you should select a style with a heel height that you are happy and comfortable to be in all day and all night too. If you’re not normally a high heel wearer then it is not a sensible idea to choose to have some as your wedding shoes. Tripping down the aisle or falling down the church steps is unlikely to be the look you or those with a camera envisaged! If you really can’t bear the thought of not having those stilettos that you fell in love with all those months ago when you got engaged then you could always pop on a pair of lower heeled shoes or flats for later on in the day when you, your feet and legs can hardly stand any longer! If you like the idea of being taller on your special day then platform shoes are a great choice as your weight is distributed over the whole of your foot, a much kinder and gentler choice of footwear!

When thinking about the type of heel height you desire the do remember to take into consideration the height of your groom. Does he and yourself have a preference to whether you are towering over him at the altar and in the photographs?

It is imperative that you have chosen the shoes you will be wearing on your wedding day prior to having your first fitting. You will be required to wear them, along with the exact underwear and any hoop or underskirt you will be wearing on your wedding day. This is so the seamstress or dressmaker altering your gown can ensure that the length of your wedding gown is perfect and can adjust it if necessary. It may be possible to work out your shoe height around the length of your bridal gown to assist with saving money on alteration costs.

Many wedding shoes are ivory but have the option to be sent away to be professionally dyed to enable you to get an exact match to your wedding dress, ideal if your gown is a champagne colour or another unusual colour. After your wedding day you could look into having them dyed again to a colour that you wear more often to get plenty of wear out of them. Do ensure if you’re wearing tights or stockings on your wedding day then try on shoes with some rather than your multi coloured striped socks as the fit and sizing will be totally different.

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