Top 10 Wedding Photographers Tips

So you are dreaming to be, or you already are, a wedding photographer? Well, covering a wedding is no joke and being a hired as a wedding photographer is such a tough, tough job. Being always on the run carrying loads of heavy lenses and camera bodies is truly a stressful endeavor. What’s that you ask? How can you be a better photographer? Here are 10 tips for wedding photographers.

Number 10. Wedding photographers, aside from being the creative monsters they are, should always be approachable and easy to talk to. Why? Simply to know what the client wants and needs in the finish product. Remember, the photos that you will take are not only your precious works of art; it is also the clients’ memoirs of one of the most memorable events of their lives. The photos should fit the client’s taste. Communicate, communicate, communicate, be approachable with a handsome smile; besides, they won’t pay you if they don’t get what they want.

Number 9. Pre-nuptial interview. Always remember to first have the time to talk and have an informal chat with your clients. This is the time you will ask the what, when, the where, and the how. Note the specific details of the place the wedding will be held, what kind of wedding it is, the time it will start, the how big is the ceremony, will there be a pre-nup shoot? And so on. This is essential in order for you to plan ahead on what equipment you will need and how you are going to create your action plan on the day of the wedding. Remember getting the information and details will be your weapon on the day of the ceremony, use it to your advantage.

Number 8. Take time to conceptualize. After getting the information on the ceremony, what the client wants on the photos, it’s very, very important to take a specific amount of time to conceptualize how your photos are going to look like. Let’s say that the wedding will take place in an old Spanish looking church, then lots of soft dramatic lighting and B&W would be perfect as a theme. Plan ahead and of course with the consent of the couple.

Number 7. Test and check your equipment before the wedding day. And by equipment, it literally means everything. From the camera, to the speed lights, your laptop computer, the reflectors and of course all the batteries, check and test everything. Know which bulbs and batteries need to be replaced. There is so much room for error and wedding photographers don’t want their trusted equipment to fail on W-day, which will be a nightmare.

Number 6. Visit the venue before the wedding date, if possible. May it be from the simple backyard of the groom or the cliff of an island, it is highly recommended to visit the place where the ceremony will be held. This will help you tremendously for it you will know what to expect and tackle. Just watch your step, assuming you will shoot at the mountains.

Number 5. Change your format to RAW. There is nothing wrong shooting in JPEG, but it is advisable to shoot in RAW. It is quite a large file but it is all delicious detail goodness. Not only will it make it easy for you to post-process but also it will make a big difference in quality. Keep in mind expects great shots from you, that’s why they got you in the first place.

Number 4. Pay attention to the details. Say you are already shooting the wedding, be keen to every single detail. Look at the wrinkles on the bride’s gown, the color of her hair, her make-up, also the groom’s well shined shoes, don’t forget their wedding rings.. everything! Shoot the smallest detail to the grand panorama of the wedding venue and you will see how these things help tell an extraordinary story. Remember to shoot the emotions and of course the first kiss as husband and wife.

Number 3. Get physical. Don’t be afraid to get down and dirty. Go down on the rug, sit on the tiles do whatever it takes to find a new perspective to capture the scenes. Shoot from below, raise your camera up high, include the petals on the ground, it will surely give you spectacular shots.

Number 2. Risk. Try shots and themes that you have not done before or are not comfortable with. Many veteran wedding photographers suggest this technique not only for weddings. Developing your unique style is not a one-time thing, keep on trying new different styles and you’ll be surprise how extraordinary your photos will look like.

Number 1. Enjoy! This is the reason why you are a wedding photographer right? You love what you do and you do a great job on it. Dance with the kids, smile, laugh with the guests, keep the spirit of the happiness alive in you at all times. Weddings, despite of its deep and sacred roots, are all about being happy. As you enjoy, you will see a boost in your creative juices.

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