Rustic Winery Wedding Tips

There’s something charming about a rustic wedding, so it’s no surprise that a lot of couples select to have one for their event. However similar to any other style, there are some common errors made that can put a damper on the day. Here are 9 mistakes you do not wish to make at your rustic wedding event.

Rustic bride-to-bes don’t desire a “stuffy” event, but that does not imply you should not plan for the convenience of your loved ones, states Karen Bussen, author of the Simple Stunning Wedding Series and exclusive designer for Palladium Weddings. “Even if you do not wish to designate everyone to a specific seat at a table, I do recommend at least appointing everybody to a table.”

Make certain that the venue style matches the rustic look you are choosing, says Christina Lei Farrow, president & creator of Aisle Planner. “We have actually worked with bride-to-bes who are so in love with the rustic design, however seriously consider venues that do not match that feel. We understand you absolutely love your favorite French dining establishment however, will it truly help you create your vision?”

If any part of your event will take place outside, remember that the wind can be a hazardous and naughty force. “I’ve seen 1,000 pound flower-covered arbors knocked over like a house of cards by a strong gust,” says Bussen. “The same for high centerpieces and escort card displays, so speak to your flower shop about the particular conditions of your rustic event, and make sure things are anchored appropriately and developed with your setting in mind.”

Rustic doesn’t indicate “shoddy,” “broken” and “unclean,” says Greg Jenkins of Bravo Productions. “Rustic can be high end and elegant. Rustic, like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder. What’s rustic for a single person might be ugly for another. The bride needs to be clear about how she specifies ‘rustic.'”.

Rustic often signifies casual attire– potentially even using denim in the minds of some guests. If the wedding style is rustic, but the bride-to-be is anticipating guests to use somewhat elegant attire, that should be made clear in the invite, says Jenkins.

Bride-to-bes often think rustic weddings will cost less than having one that’s more official, which ends up being troublesome when planning a spending plan, says Jenkins. “The reality is a rustic venue may cost you the very same amount has having the wedding event at a museum. The cost of flowers, a wedding cake, and equipment leasings is the same for just about any wedding event. Expense is expense and budget accordingly!”.

Wildflowers tend to be excellent options for rustic wedding events, however make sure that you (or your bridesmaids) aren’t allergic, says Beth LeonGuerrero of WildFlowers Inc. When in doubt go with succulents instead of flowers to lower the possibility of watery eyes destroying your wedding event pictures.

Getting too natural.

The rustic wedding event cake sitting atop a lovely tree stump is a traditional look for a rustic wedding, however some bride-to-bes forget that the tree stump is real wood, and genuine wood may include small pests that you do not desire anywhere near your wedding event cake. “Always utilize a doily or Styrofoam tier at the base of your cake to avoid the little animals taking bites out of your cake before your guests do,” states Brandon Baker of Loveletter Cakeshop.

Forgetting about flooring.

Many rustic brides envision lawn under their feet, tables set along a meadow, perhaps with a camping tent overhead. However even on a gorgeous night, grassy ground can be wet, soft, and buggy. “Ladies in heels may ruin their shoes or be uneasy. Tables set on a surface that is just a little irregular will look unsteady and off-kilter,” states Bussen. “I constantly insist on a tent flooring, and my bride-to-bes constantly thank me.”.

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