Why Bone Broth Might Not Be Good For You

Why Bone Broth Might Not Be Good For You As People Say

Presence of harmful additives:  With the increasing demand, low-level manufacturers may enter the market and place their products on shelves for sale. Just like many other ready to use food, people will not be able to differentiate between A or B quality products easily.  Pre-made bone broth may contain sensitive additives, low-grade artificial flavours, and colours that may weaken your body. There are four essential elements of bone broth; water, bones, meat, and salt; make sure you read the labels before you buy or make that yourself at home.

Neurological disorder

Bone broth powder may term as a superfood for some but others; it may bring lots of diseases. It contains a high level of glutamate that may cause autism, leaky guts, and other neurological disorder.  If you face any fatigue, skin rash or pain, you need to stop the consumption of bone broth powder and see a physician immediately.

Contaminated with lead

Today’s environment is heavily contaminated with metals, leading many to be concerned about these compounds showing up in our diet. Researchers evaluated chicken broth and discovered the presence of high lead concentrations. As a result of the study, they advised doctors to seriously consider the risk of lead contamination when recommending patients bone broth consumption.

The slightest amount of lead contamination may cause damage to kidney, nervous system, hearing, joint pain and decrease bone growth.

Bone Broth Powder is ready to use protein powder that is convenient to apply for the instant energy boost, but this supplement is not for everyone. Flavours are usually added in powder to enhance the acceptability of the product, but one must know that all these flavours and colours are artificially produced.

Bone broth powders are new to the market; there’s still a lot of research going on to analyse its advantages and disadvantages on the human body. These packages don’t come with complete information of ingredients, so we can’t be sure if it’s made up of organic meat or farm-feed animals. It is also necessary to know which preservatives are used in the making but that information is not readily available that is the more significant health risk.

Since bone broth is dehydrated and we don’t know the process or its maker, we cannot be sure of nutritional values it may contain.

In short, nothing is more nutritious than organic food in its whole, no additives, and no preservatives.

Higher Sodium Content:  Salt is used as a preservative for bone broth concentrates; if you are watching your sodium level, be careful about bone broth preservative intake.

Presence of Neu5Gc: It is a sugar molecule that is present in red meat and pork, that may lead to serious health issues. Presence of Neu5Gc may cause heart issues and formation of the tumor, this molecule’s concentration increases when it is cooked which is the necessary process of bone broth preparation.  Until you are sure of all ingredients, don’t use any bone broth concentrate.

Leaky brain possibility: The Leaky brain is a condition when the protective lining or barrier of the gut becomes compromised due to the inequity of good and bad bacteria. Massive ingestion of glutamic acid may amplify brain barrier permeability that can cause small holes in the brain barriers, that is called “leaky brain.” This condition may result in following health issues; Headaches, insomnia, mood swings, blurry vision and more.

Time-consuming Exercise: Process of bone broth preparation takes minimum 10 and maximum 24 hours to slowly simmer and extract the all nutrients from the animal bones. It defiantly requires a lot of time and patience to obtain the final product.

Right ingredients: Going to butcher and finding the right kind of bones is a hectic task. Not only bones but collecting herbs and spices to be used in broth takes some dedicated time.

Even if you are getting it ready-made from a store, you need to make sure the bones are from the live animal which is the primary element to for bone broth benefits.

Buying a ready-made bone broth saves your time, cost and energy, it also provides all the associated benefits without much effort, but you are supposed to carry out a little research about the ingredients and supplier of these products.

In my opinion, the best way to make the most of health benefits of bone broth is by cooking it at home and consuming it in the natural form such as liquid without any additions. Even if you are buying the bone broth, make sure it’s made from organic chicken bones and grass-fed beef and no preservatives must be used during the simmering process. This is most affordable and most nutrient way to enjoy health benefits of bone broth.

Nothing is more precious than your health, take care of this blessing.


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